Don’t forget to grab

Don’t forget to grab your copy of our new EP, “Cleanse,” available at iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play Music, Bandcamp, and CD Baby!

Have an awesome weekend!

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Big update!

We just secured a huge name in electronic music to do a remix for us for our second EP that is already in production! We will leave you in a bit of suspense about who it is, but feel free to post your guesses below. We are very excited about this, as this artist was on our short list of potential remixers!

Meanwhile, if you have not checked it out yet, our new EP “Cleanse,” just released June 4, is now available at iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, CDBaby, Bandcamp, Spotify, and more!

June 4th!

Finishing touches on the new Short to Ground and it’s off to the plant. I feel cleansed.

Our new EP, “Cleanse,” is out June 4 everywhere!

Available for pre-sale now at iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp!…/…/B07R1HTLCN/ref=sr_1_1…

Album artwork by Jimmi Jensen

New StG EP Release!

Short to Ground would like to announce the release of our new EP, “Cleanse,” out June 4 on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, CD Baby, Bandcamp, and more!

“Cleanse” contains 4 new, original tracks plus 4 new remixes!

The EP is now available for pre-sale at iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp, and you can hear samples of all 8 tracks at iTunes and Amazon. A Bandcamp pre-purchase gets you a full download of the title track early, which you can also sample in full today!

If that isn’t enough, we are nearing completion of a second EP, so keep watching for more news on that upcoming release too!

Album artwork by Jimmi Jensen