Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, industrial band Short to Ground is a high-tech voice in a high-tech world. With a style that mixes elements of rock, techno, dance, pop, and even heavy metal, Short to Ground thematically explores a 21st century society that once was a vision of the future found only in fiction. StG’s members all boast well over a decade of live performance and studio experience, and their energetic, emotional live shows and recordings are not to be missed. Drawing from diverse musical inspirations such as industrial bands Nine Inch Nails and Clock DVA, to rock band AC/DC and electronic composer Vangelis, Short to Ground seeks to entertain yet inform.
Brian Twadell
Lead Vocals
Growing up in a musical family, Brian is classically trained on the piano and has been composing and performing music since childhood. In 1998, Brian released an EP for his electronic solo project, Vital Force, on the Ballistic Test label. Brian joined the Chicago electro-industrial, Negative Gain label band Cryostate in 2001 as lead vocalist, playing live shows and recording several tracks. After Cryostate parted ways, Brian played live keyboards for Chicago synth-pop band Sonikore.

Sean Czaja
With over twenty five years of experience on lead guitar and more than 10 years in the electronic music industry, Sean’s varied influences and multi-instrument talent are huge assets to Short to Ground. With experience in several bands, including Neutrino Oscillation and solo project Average Consumption, Sean has released five albums, played scores of live shows, and composed several dynamic songs, including Short to Ground tracks “Two Minute Hate” and “Daddy.”